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January 2011

Lucky Bamboo is a false bamboo. It is part of the family of dracaenas or cordylines. This plant can be planted in water as well as soil. Lucky Bamboo can be trained to make different shapes or even sculptures. If your lucky bamboo is in an arrangement held together by twist ties, these should not be removed since they provide stability to the plant.

Lucky Bamboo usually comes in a container filled with pebbles or marbles. Add water until the pebble/marble base is fully covered. Check your bamboo’s water level frequently at first! Arrangements with several stems will need water at least twice a week, maybe more, especially during summer. If the chlorine content in your water is very high, please use filtered or bottled water. If you keep lucky bamboo in a vase, don’t fill it to the top as you do with flowers. Lucky bamboo grows roots wherever water contacts it so a higher water level will sprout roots further up the stem than is attractive.

Lucky bamboo is tough and resilient. It needs very little light and is content with the artificial lighting in your home. Insufficient light, however, will fade the leaves to a light green. If this happens, just try another location with a little bit more light. As tough as lucky bamboo is, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. It should not be exposed to temperatures below 50–60°F. You may use a fertilizer for aquarium plants. You may find this at your local pet store. Another option is to use a liquid green fertilizer (Scotts Miracle-Gro has one) use it at a 1/10 of the strength indicated.

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Beverley - The Lucky Bamboo can be put in a larger vase. We do not recommend any growth regulators for this plant.
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

My Lucky Bamboo is growing very well - will I need to find a bigger container to hold it as it continues to grow? Is there a way I can stunt the growth so it doesn't grow too high?
from Beverley - You may repot at any time.
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

Coy - Please contact us at for detailed instructions.
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from Costa Farms' Customer Service

Renae - Yellowing can be an indication of too much watering. These plants like bright light about 6 hours a day.
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

having trouble with palm leaves or turning brown need help
from shirley wal\tkins

dolly seal - Please e-mail a picture to
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

Ramona - We need to identify the pest first of all. Please take a picture of the insect and e-mail it to
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

could you tell me why my norfolk island pine is getting a light green color on parts of tree. i keep the dirt moist and move it in different places in my house. please let me know what is wrong.please email me at
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from dolly seal

My money tree has holes in the bottom leaves from some type of insect After two days of purchasing. What kind of insect repellent should I use?
from Ramona

My money should be replaneted I think it is about 4ft. tall my other one is about 24inch tall when do i replant
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from pat@

i want to know what you do when the lucky bamboo becomes taller than the vace .can you cut it and put the part you cut off in another vace?
from coy

I need help with my Majesty Palm. It has good light and is watered enough. It is starting to turn yellow with brown dry tips. Please help, I don't want it to die.
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from Renae

do i need to repot my money tree at any time. How do i know its time to repot it?
from marian grant - These plants are subtropical and should not be left out in temperatures colder than 45 degrees for more than a couple of days. If you have any other questions or concerns about the Norfolk Island pine, please e-mail or visit out Holidays Season favorites under our Featured Programs section.
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

Joe Miron - We do not do this on the farm, therefore we do not have any specific guidelines that I can send you. If you have any other questions or concerns about the care of your lucky bamboo, please e-mail or visit out plant library.
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

i have a norfolk island cold can it stand.can it only be kept in the house during the winter/?.also i thought all pines could withstand cold weather.i live in south louisiana.

My question is regarding the training of Lucky Bamboo (LB). Where do I find literature on how to train/sculpture my LB?? Thanks Joe
from Joe Miron

When repotting from a 10" pot what kind of potting soil should be used,for a Cataractarum Palm.
from Michael David Mills

Michael David Mills - You may use a good quality potting soil. One that is light and fluffy, ideally not with a lot of sand or other heavy fillers.
from Costa Farms' Customer Service

I have a money tree and I don't know how to take care of it.they keep die on me.the leaves get dry even if I give it water ones a week.please email me at
from Juan

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